Monday, December 17, 2018

Never Again??

 Last June we started a new adventure....owning a pig. We named her Josie Pie and brought her to VBS for the petting zoo. We knew our ultimate goal was to have some meat in the freezer after she grew for a bit.
 At first it was fun. She would follow us around the yard and sometimes she would spend time in the goat's pen. After a while she grew and became a little more fierce with her food. She would bite through containers and try to climb the fence. She also got stinkier and stinkier.
 By September we wanted to be done.  We knew we needed to wait several months for her to be butchered, but we decided we would never ever do this again. Never!
 We made the appointment at Nettles, the local butcher, for her to be butchered. Nettles sells the best sausages around here, so we knew it was the place to go. The day we loaded her up was interesting...she was one strong hog!! But, we got her loaded and the kids cheered. They were done too!
 We waited a week for her to be butchered, the whole time worrying how much it would really cost. We felt there would be some hidden costs in there somewhere.  I have to say...we were quite surprised.  To kill, butcher and rap Josie Pie was only $117. And she weighed 157 pounds! We came home with a lot more meat than we thought we would. And to top it off we have 35 packages of sausage! Woo Hoo!

So now our freezer is full. And we find ourselves asking, "Should we do this again??"

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