Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Parade!

 Within days of moving here we noticed that our town was having a Christmas parade. We were unable to attend that year but I knew that it was something that I wanted for us to attend the following year. We did and we've gone ever since! I love the hometown we live in and the Christmas parade is one of my favorite things to do here! Like the years past we made lots of yummy goodies to pass and share and enjoy during the parade. Christmas crunch has become a regular! :-)
 Micah helped me make Christmas crackle again. He remembered lining up the crackers for me last year so it's great to have him help me again .

I'm so thankful for the church family that could join us. They're always so much fun!

 This year I decided to stop at the Dollar Tree first and let the kids pick out a glow stick toy. I remember as a kid seeing them sell glow stick necklaces at parades, but they're always so expensive. 3 bucks later and my children had some pretty cool things during the parade!
This has turned into one of our favorite traditions!

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