Saturday, December 22, 2018

Puppies are here!

 We knew it was just about time.  Peaches was clearly aggitated and going into labor.  She kept trying to escape the laundry, the place we set up for her.  Once we finally had her secured we went back to bed.  Within 30minutes we heard the first whimpering and her first puppy was born. 
We watched for a bit, and by 7am we had 7 puppies!  The last puppy seemed to be struggling.  It wasn't breathing so good and had its tongue out.  It didn't act at all like the other puppies.  It seemed Peaches had given up on it, that's when Beth took over.  She rubbed it with a towel for about 30 minutes, then put it back with its mother.  And all of a sudden, he was doing great!  He's the biggest puppy, so I call him chunker. :o)

 We have 3 black, 3 brown, and one a tan/gray color. 
Peaches is an amazing Momma.  It's so wonderful how God created them with a knowledge of how this all works.  She just knows what to do!
And she doesn't mind one bit having all of us come and meet her puppies.

So much fun!


  1. Aww!! Their so cute!! And so neat looking too!!

  2. So great that Beth knew just how to help the last puppy until Peaches could look after it. I'm glad all the puppies and Peaches are doing well.

  3. They are adorable. I'll have to show Seth these pictures. He got Silas' letter which told him that Peaches was expecting puppies. Looks like fun!