Friday, December 14, 2018

Contract accepted! Closing date ahead!

 Praise the Lord! The contract for purchasing the land for VSIBC has been accepted! We now have a closing date set for January 31st.
 To say that our church is excited is an understatement. We are all thrilled and so looking forward to all the things ahead at Victory Springs.
 It was a little emotional the other night though. Joshua was preaching on prayer and the importance of praying especially with the land in mind.  He then began to talk about the blessings that we have in the building that we are in right now. So many memories there! We have memories of driving by and looking in the window and wondering if this is what God would have us meet. We have memories of our family and friends helping us clean and prepare and get the building ready for the first Services. Then we have memories of the first service watching through the window wondering who would come. We have memories of each of the families we have now and the moment they walked through the door. God has been so good to us! Good days are ahead :-)

 So things are moving right along and closing date for the land is set for January 31st. We hope to pay off the land as soon as possible and begin building as soon as possible. So excited to see God working!


  1. So exciting and things are moving very fast. God is surely blessing your ministry and congregation :-)

  2. So exciting!! Praying for you all!!