Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Memories

If I were to make a post for all the special things we've done this Christmas, this would turn into a Holiday Blog!  So, I decided to condense most of it into one long, picture-filled, joyful post!

Once again, the Christmas Party at VSIBC was a success!  We ate, laughed, played games...I love my church family!

In Sunday School we had a birthday party for Jesus.  The kids enjoyed sprinkles, red velvet cake and their Preacher joined our class for the day, and taught us a lesson on giving Jesus your heart this Christmas.

Then, it was time for the Christmas store.  The kids had been earning $$ all month to be able to buy gifts for their family.  VSIBC bought some amazing things for them to buy.  My kiddos enjoyed it and came home loaded with gifts to give.  I love watching their faces as someone opens the gift they purchased for them!

This year for Christmas Eve I bought everyone jammies.  This was something that my Mom always did when I was little.  My family was pretty excited to have some new comfy clothes for Christmas Eve!

This year, as Patrick read the Christmas story from Luke 2, he had Silas help him read.  My Silas is growing and maturing so much.  He's like a mini-Josh, mixed with a little Beth.  I just love that kid!

It was fun having puppies at Christmas time.  We're trying our hardest to not get too attached.  Not too sure how that is going though!

Lots of hugging Christmas morning.  So thankful for grateful hearts!

Patrick was pretty excited about his gift.   A friend of mine sent me the newspaper from Philly the day after the Superbowl.  I framed it for him, and he loved it!

A couple of days before Christmas Micah found a gift.  It was a Black helmet.  What he didn't know is that is was Callie's.  He didn't know that I knew he accidently saw the helmet.  He just kept saying, I would really like a black helmet for when I ride my bicycle.

He was pretty surprised when he opened a green helmet.
And what happened next for my boys was pretty amazing.....they were surprised and thankful!  I'll post on it next!

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  1. Wonderful photos. I really love the Christmas pjs. So much fun. It's a funny and cute story about the helmet. I really like the t-shirt your girls are wearing and isn't it so true about children, especially teenagers, lol.