Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Callie's Day

We love birthdays around here! And since Callie's birthday was on a Sunday (and Sundays are super busy for us) we decided to turn it into a 2 day celebration.  She loved it!

I started off Saturday taking her to a tea room in Alachua.  Just her and I.  She was so excited!! We drank lots of yummy peach hibiscus tea.  It was so good!  Callie was thrilled to see sugar cubes.  She added quite a few to her cup. :o)

We enjoyed egg salad sandwiches, scones and girl talk.  I love moments like these!  And she still has her big beautiful brown eyes!

Sunday morning she was up bright and early ready to open her gifts!

One of the gifts we bought for her was a tie quilt set.  We bought Beth one that was similar when she was about this age.  Callie loved it.  And she loved help from her sister Beth!

That night after church we had funnel cakes.  That's what she chose for her cake.  It was very yummy!

Happy Birthday to our baby girl that is turning into a wonderful young lady!


  1. Happy Birthday to your baby girl. She is a beautiful young girl and I love those big brown eyes. She looks like she had a very special time with her mama and family.

  2. Happy Birthday Callie! So glad you had a great day!