Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Happy Birthday to Callie!

My sweet Callie Grace just turned 9 years old!

She is really growing up into a wonderful young lady.  She is a very diligent student and very faithful to have her morning devotions.

She loves to read.  I  mean really loves to read!  And devours books in record time.  She also loves art and you can often find her at the table coloring or drawing a masterpiece.

She's also stuck between two brothers, so this girl knows how to play and be rough...sometimes. :o)
So thankful for our baby girl!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. She is growing up,learning so much and becoming a beautiful young girl.

  2. Happy Birthday Callie!! She looks so much like her sisters!

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet Callie! I think she looks a lot like you!! Hope she has a wonderful day!

  4. I was thinking thebsame thing that she looks so much like her sisters. She is a mixture of both Beth and Brenna. Happy Birthday, Callie!