Saturday, March 3, 2018

I LOVE You Banquet Part 2

After we had our delicious meal at our "I LOVE You" Banquet, it was time to exchange gifts.  Remember, no one was aloud to spend money.  We just had to use what we had laying around.  It was so fun and everyone was very creative!

Micah gave Patrick a hand painted Eagles sign. He had fun tracing and then printing a neat design.

Callie knows that Joshua loves Jolly Ranchers.  We looked up a recipe and found an easy one for homemade strawberry jolly ranchers.  He loved them!

Silas has heard Tabitha talk a lot lately about Bath Bombs...she loves them!  So, he decided to make her some homemade bath bombs.  They really work too!

Brenna made Callie an invitation to Royal Tea, including a nail and hair treatment before hand.  That is definitely Callie's thing!  She was so excited!

Tabitha gave me the sweetes note that I will cherish forever.  She also made me an imprint of Libery's feet.  How precious!!

Josh made Beth a bookmark with a picture of her and him.  How sweet.  Brought tears to my eyes!  And he made her homemade sugar cookie mix!  My girl could live in a bakery, so this was perfect!

I created a little wall art for Brenna with a hymn in the background.  That was fun to make!

I somehow missed a picture of it, but Beth gave Silas a coupon book full of coupons that he loved, like "I'll do your chore for you"  Very creative!

Patrick made Micah a new toolbox to hold his tools that he got for Christmas.  It now stays next to his bed!

Part 3 is coming up.  And it's super sweet.....:o)


  1. I love all the gifts. They are very creative ♥

  2. Everybody was so creative! Can't wait for part 3!
    Thanks for sharing!