Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Drama for the Week

We've had a little bit of excitement around the Gimenez Home this week. Here's an excerpt Patrick wrote on our family blog:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Continuation of Missionary Mysteries....Case Solved!!!
In the continuation of the Mystery of the Missing Jewel, we bring you back to the scene of the crime. Kami's diamond was found stolen (okay, missing) from her wedding ring on Tuesday morning. Chief Detective Patrick was brought in to handle the case. We dusted the crime scene (okay, we swept the whole house) looking for the clues to the missing diamond but to no avail. Kami was in shock and broken by the loss.The main question was to figure out when the diamond may have fallen out of her ring. I opened my Top-Secret Detective Laptop and began to scour pictures from our camping trip looking for a picture of Kami's left hand. I finally found a picture of her holding Silas from last Friday. I zoomed in on her left hand and.....the diamond was still there!!!The case then turned to the van, maybe it fell out traveling back. We sent in our team of detective apprentices to inspect the van, but again nothing. The case was getting cold. Then we received an anonymous phone call giving us a lead (okay, my mother called and told us to check Kami's purse or the diaper bag). Then last night at church, we prayed that Kami would find her diamond. When we woke up this morning, my mind was brought back to the purse. I took Kami's purse and sat down at the laboratory desk (our kitchen table). I began to scour through ten pens and pencils, various shopping lists from weeks gone by, little girls earrings and who knows what else (I think her purse is a crime scene in itself)!!! Then there it was!!! The long lost diamond was dropped by the thief into her purse (okay, there was no just fell out). Kami woke up to me asking her to marry me all over again as I presented her the diamond (yes, I am Mr. Romantic)! We praise the Lord for His answered prayers and for my mother who provided us the tip that led us to crack the case!


It has been exciting and I'm so thankful my diamond was found!!! Praise the Lord!!!

When the kids were scouring the van looking for the diamond, I told them if we find it then we are celebrating and having a huge dessert!! So, what do you think Josh remembered that I said first thing this morning?? So, now I'm going to figure out what our special dessert is going to be!Normally, we vote on what our Friday night dessert will be for our Friday family fun night (This week it's Fruit Pizza) But, since we're having a special dessert tonight too, I will pick what the dessert will be....hhhhmmm, chocolate or pie or cake or ice cream.....what should I pick??? This is going to be fun!

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  1. How Amazing!!! God is soooo good. I am so happy for you. Me of little faith thought, that diamond is gone; but isn't it just like God to show us how much He cares for even the small things in life that matter to us. Again, how wonderful, praise God.