Thursday, January 3, 2013

Desire of my heart...or so I thought!

When you think of tropical islands in the Caribbean, what do you think of?  For me, when we moved here I thought it was unusual all of the sounds I heard from our house.  Chickens, Roosters, Goats and Peacocks.  Silas used to think we had monkeys in our yard.  Right after we got here, I told Patrick I wanted to get some chickens.  Well, he never seemed to be crazy about the idea.  Then, about a month and a half ago we noticed 2 chickens hanging around our place.  They were pretty skinny.  After a couple of days Patrick fed them some of our leftover rice from the night before.
 I told Silas and Callie that if we're going to be feeding these girls, then we needed to give them some names. Silas named his JOHN  and Callie named hers PINK.  Pink is in the above pic.  I know.  She's not pink.
 The next morning a new girl showed up with John and Pink.  I told Brenna she could name it.  It's name is JINGLE since we were so close to Christmas.  I told Josh and Beth that if we get two more that they could name them.  Josh sort of laughed and said,  "Like we'll have 6 chickens show up at our house tomorrow."

Yup!  You guessed it!  Next day=6 chickens.  So then we had JOHN, PINK, JINGLE, SNOWFLAKE (Beth's) TIGLATH PILESAR (Josh's)  (Yes, he's a little weird)  and I name Micah's POTATO since he loves potatoes.
 The next day?  13 Chickens.  Ugh.  This was fun, but now we're outnumbered!  Whew!

 Everywhere I looked there were chickens.  And roosters.  And they were cock-a-doodle-dooing.  At all hours of the day.
 Then, Silas and Callie spotted JOHN on the porch.  And he left us a present.  
And now I have a 3 year old that wants to eat just like our chickens.  Oh boy!  I'm overwhelmed!


  1. We used to have chickens and I miss them! Such therapy to watch them scratch around ; )

  2. Ha, ha, this is a cute and funny story. I've never had chickens. Perhaps I wouldn't laugh if I did ;-) Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and enjoy the eggs.

  3. When we first moved to the Caribbean I didn't like the roosters that crowed at all hours. Now when we return from the States, I hear the roosters, crickets, tree frogs and donkeys and say, "Thank you, Lord, that we are home." You will learn to like the rooster too, I think. You can learn many spiritual lessons while watching chickens.