Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time for Kindergarten!

 We are enjoying our first week of school!  It is so fun homeschooling my blessings!  I'm thankful for the Lord giving me the energy this week to start Silas in Kindergarten!  What a fun age!
 We are so thankful to have a room set up in the house we are staying in.  Our church has been so gracious to let us stay here.  It's a beautiful place!
 Even though Silas is the one "in" school, Callie and Micah are loving their new crayon boxes, saying the pledge and learning!

 So much fun we are having and my boy is soaking up everything I can teach him!  I love it!


  1. He is growing up so fast. You should list all the things he wants to learn how to do in Kindergarden. Love his excitement for life! He reminds me of when Josh started Kindergarden. Have a GREAT year Silas!!!

  2. Kami it's wonderful to see you looking so well! It is a blessing to know you are now on the mend. The little ones look so cute and eager to be good students. I read too about your coke with Josh. What a neat idea and what a lovely sister you have. Big hugs. xx