Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So very blessed for my 40th

Last week, I turned 40.  Eek...did I really just type that?  Yup, it's true!  So very blessed I truly am!

The day before my birthday my church family had a birthday fellowship after church.  Some very special ladies decorated for me.

  We had yummy snacks and I received many sweet gifts.

My sweet ladies also planned a week's worth of dinners to be delivered to my home each night.  What a wonderful blessing!!

Then, to make my birthday celebration even sweeter, my parents surprised me and were sitting in my row at church!  It was so special and sweet, and made me feel so loved!

Then, on my birthday, my family took me to a Quilt Shop in Trenton.  What a neat place this is!  It's an old Coca-Cola factory that has been converted to a Quilt Shop. There are over 7,000 bolts of fabric...Wow!  The choices!

For my gift, my parents let me pick bunches of fabric.  I can't wait to get started on a project soon!
I'm hoping to do a wall hanging American Flag.  I also picked some fabric for a fun dresden quilt in coral and aqua.  Fun!

Then, to top it off, they took me to a restaurant called Hobos.  It's an old house in downtown Trenton.  The inside is so historical and had a lot of memorabilia from when the railroad went through town.

What a wonderful day I had.  God has blessed me with 40 wonderful years.  So thankful!!


  1. You had a wonderful day! Happy birthday Kami. God has truly blessed you. Hugs. xx

  2. Happy birthday, Kami. Looks like you had a fun time. You looked so pretty in that turquoise shirt. 40 is coming fast for me too! Just a few more years.