Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy 17th Birthday to my Brenna

 My sweet girl, Brenna Shay, turned 17 last week!
 What a blessing she continues to be to our family!  She has such a tender heart for the Lord.  In fact, as I make this post she's playing and singing on the piano, "I want my life to count for Jesus."  So thankful for a teenager that loves the Lord!
 Her musical talent continues to blossom and grow.  I think if anyone spent a couple of hours a day on the piano like she does, it would.  But, she has an extra heap of talent, that's for sure!  I love to hear her play!
 She is so fun to be around, and has such a heart for children.  The kiddos at VSIBC are naturally drawn to her, their 'Miss Brenna'

 She said for her birthday she wanted to stay home, be together, and play bunches of games.  We had a competitive game of Ticket to Ride.  And several rounds of Dutch Blitz.

 When Josh got home from work, it was time for gifts.  I love to watch the giver.  The kids are so proud of the gifts they pick out for the special person.  I love to see their giving heart!

 As Patrick and I were trying to decide what to get for Brenna, we came up with the idea to use her Pinterest account.  I looked at her crafty board, and chose 5 things she had pinned.  Then, I went and bought the supplies and printed out the page she had pinned.  It's been fun to see her create the things she has had her eye on!

 For her "cake" she chose apple pie.  (again)  My girl is a pie lover!! (just like her Momma!)
 We also decided on a new tradition for birthdays.  We decorated the mantle with all the birthday girls favorites and things that remind us of her.  That was fun!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl.  Time is going too fast!


  1. Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. It's been fun watching her grow up through your photos over the past few years. I always love your tradition of giving your children the kind of party or day they want on their birthdays. It gives a peek into their personalities. It was also a great idea for you to look on her Pinterest board to gain ideas for her prezzies ;-) She is growing into a beautiful young woman. I miss seeing her cakes and hearing about the cake ministry but I realize there are seasons in life. Hugs to you and Brenna. xx

  2. Happy Birthday, Brenna. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. Keep on loving Jesus.