Friday, September 16, 2016

School Year 16/17

 Shortly after our vacation, our school year started!  I love homeschooling my kiddos and am so blessed to have this opportunity!
My Brenna is a senior this year.  sniff sniff.   (Here we go again.  Sappy posts on time going too fast and kids growing up too quick!)  Brenna is taking several courses using ACE curriculum.  We have loved using ACE for our older students.  She's off to a great start and graduation plans are in the works!

 My 3 little ones start the day with A beka Bible video.  They all watch Mrs. Chappell's 2nd grade class and absolutely love it!  I love all the things they learn in one class!  They start the day with prayer, say the pledge and talk about the importance of patriotism, memorize Bible verses, learn Bible stories and sing great songs.  What a great way to start their school day!!

  My Silas is a 2nd grader this year.  He's doing very well and enjoys reading the most.  He's already half way through his 2nd grade reading material!  He does A beka streaming for Phonics, Spelling and Writing. Then, he does his Math using ACE Paces.  This is a new thing for us this year to use Paces for the younger grades.  So far they love it!!

My Callie is in 1st grade this year.  And like her brother, she loves reading and has read ahead.  She's halfway done, too!  She loves being able to be the teacher and grade her Math work!

 I guess you could say that my Micah Roo is in K4.  But, really, he's just a four year old enjoying life!! ;o)  I'm not real big into schooling my kids early.  I feel like when they are ready to start kindergarten that they are at the right time to really soak everything in and jump head first into schooling.  Before that time I have always been relaxed with my littles and let them progress as they wish.  I did buy Micah a K4 book that he does a page in everyday.

 I also started him doing busy bags.  He is loving all the little activities I have prepared for him!  There are bags with matching, counting, threading beads...all sorts of fun stuff!

 We are also trying out a new-to-us curriculum for Science and Social Studies.  It's called the Prairie Primer and it uses the Little House on the Prairie book set.  I'll have to post on it soon.

We are off to a great start and are enjoying being on a routine again!  We love summer, but when it's schooltime, we are ready!

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  1. Do your children ever participate in the ACE student conventions? If not, they would love them! I know they have been a highlight of my children's high school years.