Saturday, April 19, 2008


I think I've inherited another trait from Mom. We both have high expectations. You know what I'm talking about. You have an idea in your head of exactly how things should go...High Expectations. Then, when things don't turn out the way you've planned you're a little disappointed. Well, one of those situations took place this week. Since November we've been saving and planning for a mini vacation/2nd honeymoon/ anniversary getaway for just Patrick and me. We've been so excited planning the things we wanted to do. Our parents were each going to split time watching the kids and we were going to be gone from Monday evening through Friday lunchtime. Can you believe it? That many days alone? We left Monday evening and Tuesday morning in Orlando I woke up with the Stomach Flu! Yuk! And for those of you, it's not morning sickness. So, our plans changed a little bit. We spent a lot more motel room than planned. The last day, Thursday, we were able to go to Epcot. We enjoyed it. I was still a little weak. Just not what I had in mind. My husband is so sweet and I'm so glad we're best friends and love being together. Hey, here's some good news...My Dad just offered to keep the kids again! So, before we leave Florida we might have another romantic moment...Here goes my Expectations again.


  1. I sorry you got sick on your second Honeymoon. Now you'll have to go again. Yes, we do have High Expectations......
    We had a great time with the kids and can't wait for them to come again.

    Love you,

  2. I'm sorry Kami! I know you two were looking so forward to your second honeymoon. You guys need to plan a second second honeymoon.
    Love you sissy!

  3. Since I can't post a comment on the other sites I will do it here. Tell Patrick I like his quick thought post on Monday. Update the Gimenez Family Life blog. I like seeing pics of your kiddos!

  4. Kami,

    I agree with Tay. I wish to post off the other website too, but maybe Patrick will see the comments here?

    The preaching with Josh is great.

    Can he post the sermon outline - in more detail?