Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Smiles

My Camera is finally back! Hopefully I'll be posting more pictures soon. Language Classes definitely keep us busy. We are studying at every available moment. Every naptime is a definite study time. My four blessings are adjusting well to life in Canada. We really love it here! The weather is starting to turn a little warmer although we've still had some chilly spells. One thing I love about Canada is that everyone's lawns seem to be very manicured...pretty flowers, trim and neat, and great grass. (Just like the grass in Michigan! It makes me want to go run in it barefoot.)
Today was a day filled with lots of little things. Of course I took care of all the Mommy duties, but I've done lots of extra things too, like baking homemade bread, studying, (I feel like I'm never done!and putting towels out on the line. I love to hang things on our clothesline, it's very convenient. I had to run out and bring in the towels, though, before the rain started. Now, I'm off to finish baking the bread and make dinner. I sure do love my time at home with my family!

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  1. He is SOOOO CUTE!!!! And he sounds so adorable. I can't wait to hold him and play with him. Love the pictures. He is really growing. Send me some copies to take to Michigan. Or send them to a CVS near us and I will pick them up. Love you, Glad you finally got a camera, even if they did send you the wrong one. :-) Have a great day and enjoy the kids.
    Love, MOM