Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summer on the horizon...hopefully! thankful we do it!  But, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming!  This year my Josh graduates.  And since his graduation is May 17th, I told him he must finish by the beginning of May.  He's pretty much on track and is nearing the homestretch!  yay! (I think)
 I told the girls that I want all of us to take our summer break together.  They are a little behind with this crazy year of unexpectedness.  (Is that a word?)  So, they have been working, working, working!

And sometimes feeling a little like this....
Oh, Summer, you are so close!


  1. Oh it will be so nice when they are finished the school year. Then all of you can say that is done! And, you will have graduation to prepare. Never a dull moment ;-) Hugs and blessings.

  2. Love that photo of you Josh. :-) You should use it in your graduation video haha

  3. I think I look like that last picture of Josh when I'm doing school these days. LOL!
    Naomi :D

  4. LOL! I think it is that time of the year when we are all ready to be DONE!!! It helps a little that there is still snow on the ground ...but when that is gone school will be impossible :) ... for Mom not the kids!
    Praying for you all. Sorry I don't comment often :(. Love reading here though :). Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow.