Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A post by Patrick from our family blog...

Here is a portion from our latest prayer letter...God is so good!

     "We were able to make a trip to Braselton, GA to meet with the Home Office of Macedonia World Baptist Missions on August 20thIt was decided at this meeting that Kami is not physically ready to travel at this time due to the P.I.C.C. line still inserted in her arm.  This line runs through a vein to her heart in which she is still receiving daily antibiotics via IV.  Also, the doctors feel that Kami has a co-infection called Babesia, which is another Tick-borne disease.  The blood test needs to be finalized but the doctor fully believes that the test will come back positive and that Kami will then be placed on an oral antibiotic to treat this infection.
     After our meeting with the leadership of our mission board this past week, we were excited to learn that Macedonia World Baptist Missions along with our Pastor, Dr. Don Strange, have readily agreed to extend our medical furlough through the next few months in order for Kami to complete her medical care and have her PICC line removed.
      We are excited to note that the new antibiotic (of which sent her to the ER after the first dose) was re-administered.  Kami is now on a special medication which offsets the adverse and allergic reactions caused by this very strong antibiotic.  The first few days consisted of dripping the medication via IV for 7 hours!  But after 10 days of treatment, we are excited to say that Kami is beginning to dramatically improve!  The pain is beginning to diminish, the chest pressure is letting up, and she is able to breathe much more easily!  Praise the Lord!  It is almost as if we can see an end to this trial!"
"Thank you!" to all of you who have faithfully prayed for our family during these medical trials!  God has been so gracious to our family throughout all of this...We do indeed serve a mighty, loving God!  He is great and greatly to be praised!


  1. Such wonderful news. Praise to God! Prayers continue. x

  2. Praising The Lord with you all! What great news!!