Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Silas Boone

 Today my Silas Boone turns 6!

 We are so blessed to call this really cool kid our boy.  He has so many amazing qualities!  He is very thoughtful and loves to really think things over.  I love his Bible questions and his hunger to learn more about God.  He prays that the "whole world will get saved."  I love his tender heart!
 He is definitely our talker of the bunch.  He always has a story or joke to tell or a question to ask.  He's pretty cautious, but loves to try new things.  He's a really good eater as of lately.  He usually has 2 breakfasts before we all eat breakfast.  Then, he usually joins us and eats a 3rd meal...all before 9 am!
 He loves to be outside and to play.  He is the type of kid that can have fun doing anything, whether it's the best of toys, or a few sticks, he has an amazing imagination!
He informed me last night, "Mom, it's okay.  Even though I'm turning 6, I'll still be your kid."  Oh, this kid has my heart!  Love you my Silas Boone!

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  1. How sweet is he! I'm sure he will tell you he'll still be your kid at 16 and 26 and so on. Big hugs. xx