Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Silas's Day

 Silas had a great 6th birthday!  We all had so much fun!  After having his requested breakfast of cereal (he's not hard to please!) he was ready to open his presents.
 His last gift from us was a zipline from his treehouse.  He was a little hesitant at first, but after the first time, he loved it!

 Callie is our brave girl and she was so excited when it was her turn to try!  I think she's been on it at least 50 times since this picture was taken.
 Then, it was Micah's turn.  He still seems so little to me, so I was secretly hoping he wouldn't like it. such chance.  He loves it!

 Then, Silas was so excited when the phone would ring and it was for him.  Those calls and singing of "Happy Birthday"  truly made his day!

 Josh was a little excited to try out the Sock 'Em game from Grandpa and Grandma...Silas whooped him!  Then, we all played outside, and had so much fun together!!
 Silas has been planning his birthday menu for quite a while.  For his cake he wanted it to be chocolate with chocolate frosting and candy canes on top.  I was happy to use my new Magic Bullet to crush the candy canes.  They were like powder and so yummy!  Silas watched over my shoulder as I arranged the candy canes.  He gave me plenty of instructions :o)
 For lunch he wanted hamburgers.
And for dinner he wanted pizza.  What a fun kid!  He went to bed that night saying, "I wish it was my birthday every day!"

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  1. How sweet. I enjoyed listening to how Silas organized his day and how he concluded "I wish it was my birthday every day". I just had dinner with a friend on the weekend. His son was greatly disappointed that Christmas was over and that I hadn't brought him another gift. He said he wished it was Christmas every day. He is Silas' age :-) It is so fun looking through the eyes of a child. Big hugs. xx