Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday to my Callie Grace!

 Today my sweet Callie Grace turns 5 years old!

 She brings so much joy and laughter to our home!  She has such an excitement about everything that it is contagious!  Her smile goes to her eyes, I love the joy she has in her heart!

 She loves to be outside and play.  She also has no problem getting dirty.  She is still my child that loves to check on our chickens and gather their eggs everyday.  I truly believe she will have a nice sized farm one day and be totally at home.

 Even though she loves to be outside and get dirty, she is definitely our girly-girl.  She loves to be a princess, wear pretty dresses, play in her kitchen and with her babies....I just love to watch her play!

 Once again, time has flown and my precious, chubby cheek baby girl is growing and growing into a very special young lady.  I'm so proud of my Callie Grace!


  1. She is very sweet and these photos are precious.

    Happy Birthday to your baby girl :-)

  2. How sweet she is!! Belated happy birthday dear Callie! My niece will also turn 5 in the next month. We have been planning to host a huge party at the best New York city party venue. I want to make this party the most memorable day of her life!