Friday, October 16, 2015

Learning to Sign

When I did a post about our school year beginning, I mentioned that my Elisabeth is starting Sign Language Classes online.  Many asked about what classes she is taking and how to find them.  I decided to wait and answer your question after Beth had a chance to get past a few lessons and see how they are working for her.
The verdict?  She loves it!

The name of the website is  She is doing the ASL lessons.  She loves that there is a video for her to watch and then reading material and quizzes.
It has been fun "catching" her practicing.  Silas has shown an interest learning Sign Language as well, and Beth has been teaching him some signs.
I'm excited to think about how God can use this!  There is a deaf population in our area that we would like to reach.  Please pray for opportunities and boldness for my Beth.


  1. The course sounds wonderful and how great that Beth can study right where she is. Prayers going up for Beth. xx

  2. I am so excited for her and Silas! God gave me my desire to learn sign language and burden for the Deaf as a teenager too. I heard a preacher say one time, "Every right desire that God gives you, He has a plan to fulfill." So glad to see her learning the language I love!