Monday, October 12, 2015

Modesty In Motion

 Okay culotte wearing know the dilemma.  Where do you find good culottes?  We have found a wonderful resource for our family and I can't wait to share it with you!  I have posted before about the culottes my girls and I like to wear. This great pattern from Hook Publications has worked so well for us,  but, I'm just not finding the time to sew for my girls like I have in the past....and they were desperately needing some more!  So, right before camp I began to search for a company that makes modest culottes.  Not an easy thing to do!  And like most modest clothes for sale online, they are so very expensive!  Then, I found a company from California, called Modesty in Motion, and decided to give them a try.  We are so pleased with the culottes they make and they are very affordable!

 So, I bought the black for Beth and for Brenna.  They arrived just in time for camp.  The fabric seemed very durable for two girls ready to have an active week, yet they seemed cool enough for summer.  We were right!  They worked perfect and didn't wrinkle!

 My Mom just made another order for them and they picked a gray pair and a khaki pair.  They are so adorable and we are so pleased!  Mom even bought some for me and Callie!  Thanks Mom!!
 They are perfect for Beth to ride SugarRose and keep her modesty standards that she has made.  So thankful for that!  And they look super cute!
 So thankful for a great Christian company that we can invest in and is such a blessing to us!

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  1. It's a great find when you can find ready made exactly what you are looking for and at a great price to boot. Like you, I can sew and enjoy making things but life is so busy and chronic illness makes it hard to sew for all the needs on a timely basis. Thanks for sharing your find and so glad it is meeting your needs and the needs of your girls so well!