Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our 2015 Tree

 After our tummies were full from lots of turkey, we went in search of the perfect Christmas Tree.  We found a great tent that has trees from north Carolina.  They were beautiful! 

 And then, we found it! Our 2015 Christmas Tree
 Let the decorating begin!

 Another beautiful family tree!

 The next day I found Callie gazing at all the pretty lights and ornaments.  I love pointing my children to Christ with the specialness of Christmas!

Then, it was on to the outside!  But, that will have to be for another post!


  1. Those are beautiful trees from North Carolina.You've picked a nice one and decorated so beautifully too. How sweet that Callie just sits and gazes at the wondrous lights. I note that you are in sandals though and that just makes it so hard for me to contemplate that you too are celebrating Christmas which I associate with snow (even though I'm not sure there was snow in Bethlehem that night so long ago). Much love. x

    1. Ha! Yes I am in my sandals! North Florida weather this time of year is somewhat chilly. (we've already had lows in the 30's) but not at all like what you are experiencing! Makes me jealous!! for now :o)