Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Young People's Christmas Party!

 God has blessed in so many ways at VSIBC.  We are thankful for the families that have joined and the Lord has called us to serve with.  We are especially thankful for the Godly young people.  What a sweet spirit they have!  We had a great time having a Christmas party with them!

 Mrs. Julia came as well.  What a sweet lady that I call my friend!

 Of course we had lots of food and a fun Hot Cocoa Bar!

 Then, it was time for our Gingerbread Competition!

 See if you can tell which is the boys and which is the girls..... :o)

On Sunday, we had the houses in the back and everyone voted for the winner.  The winner was the girls!  And their prize is for the Preacher's Wife to take them out for a special dinner.  Hey!  That just happens to be me! :o)

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  1. So nice to see these young people in church and enjoying Godly fellowship. I pray the Lord will bless each one as he/she grows in Him. Bless you dear and your family for all you do. Hugs. xx