Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Bunny Bread Fun!

 My 3 little kiddos and I had a great time making a fun Easter snack.  I found the recipe from Taste of Home. They had fun making the different shapes to make a bunny.

 There is much excitement watching your creation bake!

 And it was a yummy hit! :o)


  1. How fun! Lovely Easter project for the little ones. xx

  2. One easy thing we made when the children were young were Resurrection Buns. Take your ordinary bun dough or bread dough and place a large marshmallow inside the bun before rising and baking. The marshmallow melts leaving an "empty tomb" and a delicious gooey taste. The children enjoyed helping make them.

    1. I love that idea!! I need to remember that for next year!