Thursday, October 13, 2016 favorite time of year!


It's here!  It's here!  The weather is starting to slightly turn cooler.  You can just smell 'Autumn' in the air!  And you can smell lot of pumpkin candles in the house. That means it's time to bring out our Fall Decorations!  

 Beth decided to try a fun craft with Silas, Callie and Micah.  They gathered tons of acorns and painted them in beautiful fall colors.

 They turned out so cute!  Beth has been working on adding more and more and our little glass container is filling up!

 Not too long ago we painted our fireplace wall a pretty teal color.  There is so much brown and gray in our house that we needed a pop of color somewhere.  Once it was done we wondered it if would work for fall and Christmas decos.  So far I like it!

We also decided to put up our Thankful tree early this year and make it front and center.  We have so much to be thankful for! Each night we try to fill our a leaf and write what we are thankful for on it. The tree is starting to fill up and when we have guests, they fill out a leaf as well. Love this tradition!

Happy Fall Y'all!!

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  1. Fall is a beautiful time of year. I always feel a bit sad though for around here it means we're coming into a lot more rain and cold. In fact starting last night we are having 3 big rain and wind storms; the tail end of a typhoon out in the Pacific Ocean. I'm sure I'll be fine as I'm not near a river (flooding) or against a mountain (mud slides) or near big trees (uprooting and damage to house or car). It wasn't terribly windy last night but many trees around the city were uprooted due to all the rainfall and did a lot of damage. More on the way. I know that they have suffered far worse in Eastern USA and the Caribbean. Thoughts and prayers with everyone. Keep safe. Hugs. xx