Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Visitor. I hope he only visits!

 My Patrick found an interesting visitor today on our porch.  He was sleeping comfortably on the top of the fan blade on our porch.  It was a bat!  Oh my!  Not my favorite of God's creatures, that's for sure!  Now my hubby has dreams of building a box for his new bat and hoping he'll invite friends and eat mosquitos.  Not sure how I feel about this.  Still icked out.  Anyone else have experience with these guys?


  1. We had bats in Nakuru. They always made me nervous when I stepped into the outhouse because they would fly at you to rush out of there. The kids wanted one as a pet, but BJ said no because of the possibility of rabies.

  2. Hi,
    Bats carry rabies. Do not pick it up or pet it. or let it fly near you that it brushes your skin. I know it sounds alarming but I had a friend that had to go thru rabies shots. NOT fun.
    Take care and get a qualified pest remover. Keep them outside.

  3. I've haven't dealt with bats but I know they are good to have around. Better than rattle snakes. I've dealt with those and King snakes.

  4. Not my fav either - got into our attic area through the eaves (covered on the interior with wire to protect from flying squirrels)and ultimately found a way to get into the upstairs area of our home - hysteria reigned for a bit - eight hours and too many $$$$$$ later the house was bat free - we learned that the stinky little creatures had pushed the wire in and created an entrance to the attic. I feel your pain!