Friday, June 30, 2017

A Fun Summer Gift

We are all loving the gift we bought Callie for her birthday.  It's perfect for summertime!  It's just like Twister, but it uses the sprinkler.  Perfect for hot Florida days!!

It's made by Banzai and it's called the Froggy Hop Sprinkler Game.  We bought it at Walmart for around $10.

Having cold well water makes the water freezing!  We added some dishsoap to make it extra slippery!

We are loving our summer fun!


  1. That looks like fun!
    Where did your older daughters find their swim skirts?


    1. Hi Ashley! I am wearing (the black) some that I sewed a long time ago (there's lots of paint on there!) with the pattern from Hook Publications. This is my favorite style!

      Beth is wearing (the gray) some that we ordered from Modesty in Motion. These hold up very well. We ordered the ones that have the panel in the front and in the back. I really wish they were from one side all the way over to the other though. They stop at 3/4 way. If that makes sense. :o)

      Tabitha just ordered some that my girls and I would like to order soon! The fabric is great for swimming, it really looks like a skirt, and they are soooo adorable! She picked the "skirlot" pattern.
      Hope that helps!

  2. How fun!!! I'll have to look for one. :)