Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Off to Junior Camp!

So it happened!  Silas and Callie went to their first Junior Camp!  Now, I'll be honest....I've never been so fond of junior camp.  Josh, Beth and Brenna never went.  I feel that my babies are too little to be without their Momma for a week! :o) But, when Junior Camp rolled around, and Joshua, Tabitha and Brenna were the counselors....I knew it would be great for them.  (And their helicopter Momma,too! ;o)

They were sooooo excited!  They were counting down the days!

Micah, on the other hand, was a little sad.  He missed them and really wanted to go, too.  So, he got extra attention from Mom and Dad that week.  And from big sister Beth, too.  He ended up having a really great time!

He and his Daddy were on a Dennis the Menace kick and watched a bunch of episodes together.  They love the old black and white shows!

Beth and I had a lot of together, too.  We took a girls day and drove the long way to Ocala to see all the gorgeous horse stables.  She was happy to see some foals with their Mommas.  Then, we enjoyed lunch together.  We also enjoyed a few games of Settlers of Catan...I lost. :o( Can you tell by the picture?

And then, my campers came home with lots of stories from a wonderful week.  Callie entered the solo competition and won 2nd place!  Silas received the Spirit Award for his team!  They heard lots of great preaching and played bunches of games.  It was such a great experience for them!  Glad they could go, but so very glad that they are back!

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  1. Aw, Bible camp is fun. I still had great memories of years long past. I'm glad they enjoyed their camping experience and that you, dear helicopter mama, made it through the week :-)