Saturday, July 12, 2008

Date Night

Tonight was date night! We did things a little differently this time. Normally we each take out the kids one at a time, but this time the girls did their date night together with their Daddy. They stayed at home and had crab legs and watched a movie. They had such a good time. They LOVE crab legs and were so excited to get some! They love attention from their Daddy.
Josh and I went out to dinner together. Patrick has done such a good job teaching our son to be a gentlemen. Also, my Mom has bought a gentlemen book for Josh by Sword of the Lord. It's an excellent book! While I was getting ready, Patrick tried to give Josh $10 for dessert, Josh said "I already have my own money that I'm treating Mom to dessert with" How Sweet! He wore cologne and opened the doors for me. We chose to go to Red Lobster. We had so much fun and devoured all the food! We picked to share the Chocolate Wave for dessert....MMMM! It was fabulous. We left so stuffed! Josh said, "Mom, I think you've got your appetite back!" The best part about the evening was the way we just talked and talked and laughed and enjoyed being together. I'm so blessed. I had a great time with you Josh, I can't wait until we can go out again! Love You, bud!


  1. you are so blessed with your family, i can't wait to go on date nights with shane! he cracks me up now, i can't wait till he's a little older, i'm sure we'll have a blast together! i love reading your blog!

  2. Date nites are nice just watch out for them that (show up on there BIKE}

  3. Mam-maw, is that you??? :)
    Seems to me like those are the best kind! :)