Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Day Worked For

 Today is the day.  A day that Joshua has worked for.  Today he graduates!
 When I first held my bundle of joy, I did the typical new parent stuff.  I looked at his cute little nose, thought he had the perfect amount of hair, and counted his fingers and toes.
 Then, the awesome responsibility that was just placed in my arms hit me.  I am this precious one's Momma.  I get to be the one to raise him.  A feeling of being scared to death, and thankfulness hit me at the same time.
 I didn't want to fail.  I begged God to help me be the Momma He wants me to be.  The overwhelming feeling of love for my baby becoming my driving force.  Having an amazing husband, and then a son for us to raise, made me feel like the happiest woman on earth. And I had an incredible purpose.  Being a wife and Momma is the best job ever!
 Then, I thought of the milestones that would be reached in my baby's life.  Crawling, walking, going to school, learning to read,and the day of his salvation.  And then, of course, I briefly thought about his graduation.  But, in my mind I thought, "Oh that's so far away!"
 Well, that day is here.  I milestone reached in my Joshua's life.
 To say that Patrick and I are proud of our Josh is such an understatement.  We are so thankful for our boy.
 So, pray for me tonight.  I may be pretty weepy.  But, not because I'm sad.  But because I'm so happy for our Josh.   I love you my son!


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to Josh. Congratulations to him for achieving this milestone and to you and Patrick for raising such a fine young man. The photos of him on this post are all fantastic! Enjoy the day in honour of Josh. Hugs. xx Joyful

  2. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations on his graduation and also the blessing of having a diagnosis. Our prayers are with you!