Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Graduation Day

 Graduation Day was fabulous!  The Lord really blessed...with weather, with health, with everything going smoothly!  I figured since we were all going to be dressed and ready that we should snap some family photos.  My Mom was a wonderful photographer ....

 ....and my sister Tay was the crazy one to make us smile!  Although from this pic it looks like she was giving Micah some attention in between shots.  He loves his Aunt Tay!

 Then, it was time for some pictures with Josh's cap and gown on.  As I laid out his cap and gown that morning on his bed, the tears started to flow.  I can't believe this day is here! So, to see him come out in his cap and gown was pretty emotional, but so exciting, too!

 One proud Daddy.  I'm so thankful for the relationship Patrick and Josh have.  They are so much alike in some ways, but yet Josh has so much of my personality, too.  They work together so good and have a love for the same things.
 When my Mom snapped this picture Josh said, "In 4 years it will be this same picture, but probably it will be my wife hugging me instead. "  Hhmm, not sure how I think about that! :o)

 My sweet Mom.  She gives up her time so willingly for me.  She captured some good pictures for us!
 And Logan and Chloe helped with getting us to smile, too!
 Josh with his Grandma and Grandpa.
Josh with his Grammy and Uncle Marc.

Such a bittersweet time!  A little saddness as we remember our yesterdays, yet so much excitement as we look to the future!
Josh's invitation said it well.  "As we celebrate the past and embrace the future."
Congratulations Josh!!

Pictures from the Graduation ceremony to come soon!

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  1. Well done Josh! Congratulations and may your future continue to be very bright. With God on your side I'm sure it will be awesome. God bless!