Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Callie Grace!

 Today my sweet Callie turns 4!   Wow!  It seems like I was just announcing her birth and taking all of her 1 month pictures.  My baby girl is growing up!
 She is smiley and giggley and everything a little girl should be.  (including a little bossy :o)  )
 She loves to color.  I mean really loves to color!  She spends a good bit of time coloring and drawing her family.  She likes to have us wear necklaces in her pictures.  Josh thinks it looks like we all have stethoscopes on.  cute!
 Energy is abounding for my girl and she thinks she's done with naps.  But, even though she may not always sleep, she loves her time to go in her room by herself and read her books to her babies.
 She loves to play with Silas and Micah and she is always the "Momma" when they play "Mom and Dad"  She plays in her kitchen, looks at her books, and just loves life.  I love it!

 She absolutely loves flowers.  Loves them!

Happy Birthday to my girl  You bring so much sunshine, joy and giggles to our home.  We love you!


  1. She is so pretty! Happy Four, sweet Callie Grace!

  2. So pretty is right! Happy Birthday!

  3. Aaaahhh! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy birthday, Gorgeous!