Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Great News in the midst of our busy-ness

It's been a busy couple of weeks with packing, school, and filling out the tons of paperwork and extra things that go with buying a house.  Yesterday was my appointment with my doctor.  Thank you for all who prayed for me!  My CT scan and Gallium Scan came back clear!  Praise God! 

 The doctor is a little unsure of what to do next, though.  The oral meds aren't helping the way they should.  We are going to try a new medicine that could perhaps help me breathe better.  The doctor did say that with a Chronic illness like Lyme Disease, some of the symptoms may never fully go away.  This sort of threw me for a loop.  I just thought that any day now I would be back to normal and pain free.  I need to keep in mind that the Lord may have other plans.  And He's truly the one that knows best.  So, we'll be trying this new medication and praying about what to do next.

 In the meantime we have boxes everywhere!  How did we accumulate this much stuff!  We're hoping to close on our house Monday, but have heard we might have to back that up for a bit.  How long is a bit?  I guess we'll find out soon!

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