Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Finally a decorated tree!

Well, it didn't happen until the day before Christmas Eve, but we finally were able to decorate our Christmas tree!  We love how it turned out!
 First step was to make some homemade ornaments for our tree.  We found these styrofoam balls at Walmart.  I had one excited girl when we put some glitter glue in the cart, too!

 Everyone worked hard on their creations!

 Even Micah got in on the fun.  Give this kid a paintbrush and he's entertained for a long time!  He loved it!

 Then, we realized our star was in one of our Christmas boxes that is still in our box trailer.  (We have yet to unload it!)  So, Josh set out to make a star using glitter and a leftover box.  I love how it turned out!
 Then, I curled a long strand of giftwrap ribbon for the garland.  It was lightweight enough for the cedar branches to hold it.  As I got to the top, I noticed a little greenish something staring back at me!  Patrick and Beth came to my rescue and took the lizard outside and away from our tree!

 As tradition holds, I was the one to put the star on our tree.  And it actually stayed there!
 This Christmas may not be turning out like planned, but we are making special memories.  And togetherness is one of the sweetest!

And Voila....our finished tree!  Patrick even hung my picture on the wall behind it!  It's starting to feel like home, and beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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