Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Moving Day

At last!  Moving Day!  We went early Saturday morning to get the biggest U-Haul truck possible.  Would everything fit?  That was the question in our heads!  It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate! I thought back to our move from St. Barths to Fort Myers.  We had no furniture.  None.  Yet, the Lord provided EVERYTHING we needed! Couch, loveseat and chairs, Dishes, 7 beds, so many casseroles and kitchen items,  my Grandma's China Cabinet (what a precious heirloom!), lamps, dressers, Oh my it's overwhelming!  As we moved our things, I was reminded of people that gave us so much!

 Denise determined she was the supervisor! :o)  Actually, she is the lady we hired to go behind us after we leave and make sure everything is cleaned up and in order before turning in the keys.  Poor lady.
 My Mom and Keri swept and cleaned.  Keri brought warm homemade banana bread and Mom brought cold cokes.  They know us well!  Thanks for the photo bomb Bro. Hurley!
 My sweet Mam-maw is amazing.  Even though she has been in pain for so long with her back, she still worked and cleaned.  She is the type of lady that just knows what to do.  She asked me, "What can I do to help?"  I said, "Mam-maw, I just don't know, there are just so many little things that I need to throw in the box."  And then, she went and found things needing to be done and helped so much!  I just love her!

Bro. Sanchez, Marc, The Hurleys and my boys loaded the truck and somehow (It's a miracle!) fit everything in the truck.

What a blessing it has been to live at the house by our church.  It was the place that God used to help me in this phase of my illness.  God knows exactly what we need and is always right on time!


  1. Amen to that. Now soon you will be settled in your new place and start the next great phase of your life. All the very best in the unpacking of and celebrating in your new home. May God continue to hold you and all your family in the palm of his mighty hand. xx

  2. I've really been enjoying all of your recent posts. Yay for getting moved!