Sunday, December 14, 2014

Together under one roof

What a week we have had!  We had to make a quick decision last Saturday.  Brenna and I were going to leave the fixing of the house project and head back to Fort Myers to finish packing and to  be with my little ones.  Well, Beth was having a terrible time with her allergies in High Springs, and leaving the windows open because of the paint wasn't helping.  So, we had to make a last minute decision for the girls to trade places.  They were both a little disappointed about the change of plans, but we all realized it worked out for the best. 

 As I left High Springs, I realized my family was in 4 different places.  Not such a great feeling for a Momma!

Beth and I accomplished much during the week and Patrick and Brenna worked so hard on the house.  Everything was going great, but we were all missing each other, that's for sure!  Thursday Beth said, "I know Christmas is about Jesus' birth, I'm not getting that confused.  But, it's also about family being together, and we're not."  Oh how that hurt my heart!  Patrick and I talked Friday morning about switching up our plans.  We were going to wait for the house to be ready to move in before we came back, but we decided we wanted to all be together when Josh flew in from college.

Saturday morning Beth and I rented a car and began the drive with Silas, Callie and Micah back to High Springs.  We arrived at 5:30 with time to see all the progress on the house.  It's looking amazing!  Then, it was time to go pick up Josh!  I was so excited, thrilled....there's just not a word to describe it!  I missed my boy!  When he got off the plane he was surprised that we were all there to get him.  That night I realized that we were all under the same roof.  Something I didn't realize would be such a treasure.   It truly is!


So, now, we are finishing up the house, being together, hearing lots of fun college stories, and starting the latest project, Mission Fatten Up Josh!


  1. How thrilling it is for all of you to be together again. I'm sure you will cherish these holiday memories for years to come as your transition into a new phase in your lives. Big hugs & enjoy! Merry Christmas. xx

  2. I loved this post. So glad that you are all together for Christmas! What joy!

  3. I completely understand! I guess this means that you won't be back here until it's time to get the rest of your stuff?