Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 16th Birthday to my Brenna!

 Today my sweet Brenna turns 16!
 Our sweet baby girl is such a blessing to our family.  I love how she jumps right in to the ministry and helps in whatever way she can.  She has been such an asset to the starting of VSIBC.
 Her Piano skills are absolutely amazing.  I love her talent!  She does so well teaching the 2 and 3 year old Sunday School every other week.  She plans such cute little crafts and has captured the hearts of the little ones.
 She's incredibly happy to be done with her 10th grade year.  This school year was quite long with some difficult subjects.  This summer is going to be full of fun!
 I'm thankful for my sweet girl.  I love being with her and spending time with her.  God sure has blessed us!


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. She is such a delight & growing into such a talented woman. You sure do raise them well Kami.