Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Sherman Girl

 About a month ago we noticed our hen, Marsh, was sitting on eggs.  Everyone's eggs!  We could not get her off!  Oh boy, did we really want chicks?  Well, after much debate about what to do, and trying some things....she quit sitting on them.  We were left with 2 dozen half baked eggs.  So, Josh and I learned how to candle them.  It was so neat seeing the chicks moving inside the eggs!! wow!  We realized we had about 11 baby chicks waiting to hatch.  We set up an incubator and watched and waited....and learned that we aren't a very good momma hen.

 Out of all we only had one survive.  :o(  But, hatching day was quite exciting!  It took about 12 hours for her to come completely out of her shell after her first pip.

 We hung out in the laundry room the whole day watching the progress!  It was so exciting!

 There was lots of cheering going on for our new chick!

 Then, she hatched.  There was varying opinions on her cuteness.  Some called her adorable.  Others thought she was quite ugly.

 And then our little ones decided to name her Sherman.  I think that would be a better name for a rooster!  but, it will work!

 After a day Sherman dried out and was so fluffy and cute!
 She comes to us like we are her Momma.  It's adorable.

Welcome to our little farm family, Sherman!