Thursday, September 7, 2017

Maggie Valley

 While on our vacation, we enjoyed a beautiful trip to Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  The roads are so curvy and mountainous on the way there!  I thought my flat landers were going to need to pull over!  They held on tight and we only had a twinge of queasiness! :o)

 You can tell that Maggie Valley was once a fun, tourist destination.  But, now, it has several places closed down, and the poor town seems to be dying.  We did enjoy a fabulous meal at their Family restaurant there.

 After eating, we went down to see the beautiful Soco waterfalls.  It was absolutely gorgeous!!

 We were happy that Joshua Hamby could drive over to meet us and spend the day with us.

 The water was so freezing cold!  We were wishing we had more time to just play in the stream!

 It was a beautiful day, gorgeous area, and wonderful memories were made!

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  1. I just love a waterfall at the end of a nature trail. So refreshing. Too bad about the town falling on hard times though.