Friday, September 8, 2017

Paddington & Suzy

Last April we wrote down the date September 7th.  That was the prospective date we thought Jenna could have some babies!  How exciting!  The only problem is that we could be gone on vacation for the birth.  So, we had Tabitha on standby, ready to assist and report to us of any happenings. We separated Jenna into her own pin. When we got back there were no kids.  So, we waited and waited.  Then, 2 days ago the girls saw 2 extra teeny-tiny heads in the paddock.  (The place where Jenna is not!)
Believe it or not, our other female goat had twins!  We didn't even realize that she was expecting!!

So, we are definitely new to this goat farming thing, aren't we?  :o)  But, we are loving it and it's so exciting!

Silas is the most thrilled of all since these are his goats.  He picked the names Paddington and Suzy!

The babies are absolutely adorable!! They have such pretty coloring.  They are half nubian, half lamancha. They love to be cuddled and held and we are all already forming a bond.
Our little farm is growing!!


  1. If you have ANY questions, my brother is courting a girl who's raised zillions of goats. I'm sure I could put you in touch!! They are SO cute!

    1. Oh my...questions... we have had tons! It's been interesting! I think each day presents a new challenge! If you could give her my email, that would be great!

  2. They are so cute. I've always loved kids. Baaah

  3. Their so cute!
    Thanks for posting!