Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My New Love

My cousin Christy posted that her son likes Hummus. Patrick and I had tried it twice, and we wanted tot try it again. She said to buy the brand "Sabra". It is excellent! We've bought it a couple of times. Our favorite is the one with roasted garlic. It's great for a veggie dip. But, my favorite is with toasted pitas. How do you eat it, Christy? Anyone else up for trying something new? You'll find it in the deli section at Walmart. The midwife said to think protein, protein, protein, so this is perfect!!


  1. Loved the hummus that you brought to the park. I'm going to buy some more and have it as veggie dip. mmmmmm
    The garlic sounds licious.

  2. wow....hummus is so versatile! you can eat it with anything! shane's favorite is to cut up baby tomatoes and dip it, toritlla chips, crackers, i had it today with fritos, the best is to take whole wheat pita bread and spray it with olive oil cooking spray...put it on a skillet (med heat) and toast it on both sides...add a little garlic salt while you are cooking then after it's toasted on each side cut it into wedges (use scissors, makes it easy)...that's how my mom used to make it....YUMMY!!!!!! it's a meal in itself :)