Thursday, June 26, 2008

You're Special Today!

Elisabeth was our first recipient of the "You're Special Today" plate. She earned it for completing and passing each musical assignment on her Banjo this week. We're trying to do instrument practice like lessons, so once a week I sit down with them, teach them new things and give them their assignments for the week. During their daily practice time it's up to them to practice what is assigned independently. Usually they have to work again on a piece, whether it be timing or the notes, etc. This week Beth passed all of her assignments! Way to go, Beth! She was in the bathroom when we set the plates out, so when she came out she said "Who gets to sit on the end tonight?" When we told her that she does, you should have seen her face! Thanks again, Mom for taking me to make the plate!


  1. Way to go Elisabeth!!! Keep up the good work.

    Love, Grandma

    You're Special!!!

  2. Wonder why I never got to use a plate like that????????????