Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Robbins, Tennessee

While on our way to our meeting in Tennessee we stopped in Robbins, TN. This is where my Grandpa was born. It was neat to drive around the tiny town and think "My Grandpa used to live here!" I wish we had more time to spend exploring and looking around. We went to the Baptist Memorial Cemetary. I didn't see any Willoughby tombs, but we saw 4 Pryors. That was my Great Grandmother's maiden name. My Dad said most of the Willoughby tombs would be at the other cemetery in Robbins, but we didn't see it. Tennesee is such a beautiful state, and to think that most of my family is from here was really special.

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  1. So glad you found it. I love Tennesse, Someday I want to go back and just take my time and dwadle and look at all the places I've been to and where my relatives use to live. Someday.