Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Great Family Fun Night!

Patrick was in charge of planning the activities for Friday night. He told us at the beginning of the week that we must put a Bible verse to a tune and teach it to the family on Friday night. Everyone came up with different verses, Beth and Josh put their verses to a nursery rhyme. And Brenna and I used hymns. They turned out very good and I think this is such a great way to memorize a Bible verse!

Then we were divided into teams for two competitions.

The first was Bible quizzes and riddles. For some of the questions Patrick wrote sentences that had a book of the Bible hidden in it. Our job was to find the hidden book. It was hard, but we all did great!

Then, we had some water balloon games. One of them was a little nerve wracking for me! One team had to sit in a chair while the opposing team threw water balloons at them. Of course, Josh was the one throwing at me! ( I think Patrick rigged this one a little!) They got a point for each time they made the balloon pop on the opposing team (no head shots were aloud) I had a very difficult time being hit with freezing balloons! Brenna said he should have filled them with warm water at least! When it was my turn to throw, I couldn't seem to hit Josh at all!!

It was great competition and me and Beth were victorious!! Yay!

Then, we had some Caribou stew...that's right! Caribou! My friend Estelle gave us some and I've been trying to decided how to cook it. Since my Mom left we've been addicted to her beef stew. I'm so glad she showed me how to make it! I've made it three times already! So, I made the caribou into Caribou stew and it was excellent! We all liked it!

Thanks to my Sweetie for some great family time!

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  1. what a fun night. Sam once put Mt. 1:18 to the tune from the beverly Hillbillies theme song...try it, it works. Dad preached from that text Sunday and Sam and I were both "singing" along. :)

    the caribou stew sounds good. :)