Saturday, April 29, 2017

Micah Baptized!

 What a great day we had at VSIBC on Sunday!!  The church was packed.  We had 80!  It was so good to have family that stayed over from Brenna's graduation.

This was also the day that Micah and two others were baptized.  So exciting!

 My sweet boy was ready to show everyone that he had made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour.  He knew that getting baptized didn't get him to heaven, he already made heaven his home when he got saved!  He understood that getting baptized was just like a wedding ring, it shows everyone who you belong to!

 My hubby was quite proud to be the one to baptize his son!

 Praise the Lord for a great day!


  1. Awesome news about Michah. How wonderful too that his daddy got to baptize him. Special moments for all the family. xx