Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pie Face Showdown Review

 I mentioned in the last post that I would let you know what we thought of the PieFace Showdown game.  As you can notice in the picture, Micah was not that thrilled.  He had seen the game at VBS and wasn't too impressed.  The one we played at VBS was for one player.  Each person would rotate the handle on the game not knowing who would get the "pie" in the face.  The Showdown game is a little different...

 ....Each person presses the button bringing the hand closer to the opponent's face and eventually, hopefully, giving the pie in the face to them.

 Our family is quite competitive.  And nobody wanted the pie in the face!

 Eventually the face cut outs fell out, so we stopped trying to readjust them.  Then, when you press the button, the whole board would slide.  So, we had to have someone holding it down while 2 people played.

We had a good time playing it, but I really don't see us using it again.  We decided we would rather have the original PieFace game since the suspense of not knowing who will get hit is the fun part of the game.  Not really a winner for us, but fun for that night!

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