Tuesday, April 4, 2017

O'Leno State Park, High Springs

What a treasure our Florida State Parks are!  I mentioned before that my Brenna will be graduating soon.  Months ago we reserved one of her favorite spots....The Rec Hall at O'Leno State Park.  What a beautiful place!  We decided to head over there for a quick visit to double check our reservation since graduation day is quickly approaching!

We had planned to just speak to the Park Ranger, then check out the Rec Hall again for ideas for set up.  But....as many times before, the trail was calling our name.  There are many gorgeous trails there.  There are some for the people wanting a light stroll that won't take too long, then there are longer trails for more adventure.
We did the River Trail that takes you on a gorgeous trail around the Santa Fe River.   You start out at the suspension bridge. I'm still not too much a fan of bridges like that, but the kids love it!!
 Peaches even came along the 1.44 mile hike!

Like many other Florida State Parks, we found this sign.  Yikes!

The trail leads around to the River Sink.  It's where the Santa Fe River goes underground and comes back up 3 miles away.  That's another state park, for another time. :o)

We saw many birds and lots and lots of turtles!

 What a beautiful place!  One of our favorites!  We'll be back again!

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