Saturday, August 19, 2017

My Girl's Plans

 I posted last that I would share some exciting news about my girls, Elisabeth and Brenna. Beth graduated 2016 and Brenna just graduated this past year, April 2017.

They both have a desire to be a wife and mother working in the ministry. But, what about the time in between?  What should they do as they prepare for their Prince Charming?

They've both prayed and prayed asking the Lord for direction and wisdom for their future.  As they've prayed, they've both separately came up with the same conclusion.  The Lord wants them to continue working in the ministries here at VSIBC.

 So, they will continue to serve in many aspects of the ministry here. They really do have front row seats on how to start a church plant.  It's great training for their future! They work in the bus ministry, nursery, Sunday School, music ministry....and are vital.  Patrick and I are so thankful for them!!

But, then, last month the Lord opened doors for them to attend Virginia Baptist College while working here in the ministries at home.  We love this college's philosophy!  All of their courses will be online and assignments will be completed online as well.

Elisabeth is working towards her Bachelors in Church Ministry with a concentration in Church Business Managament.  Beth has been our church secretary for over a year.  She keeps the bank books and records, pays the bills and our missionaries, does printing, and anything else her Daddy has need of. :o)

Brenna is also working towards her Bachelors in Church Ministry but with a Music Minor.  Is that a surprise?  Anyone that has visited our church has heard our Brenna on the piano.  She has a God-given talent and wants to pursue this further.

The girls received their textbooks in the mail and few days ago and were so excited!  They each have a very full load with 6 classes each. Classes start Monday and they are ready to go!


  1. Awesome report of how the Lord is moving in the lives of your two beautiful daughters. I'm so happy for both of them.

    I would love to hear Brenna play the piano. Is there any chance you could make a short video and post it some time on youtube with a link up here on this blog?

    God bless you and yours dear Kami. Big hugs. xx

  2. So happy for them. They are keeping busy for the Lord.